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When I met Joyce from Brides and Beauty at the ‘Tweet-up’ organised by Louise from Bow Occassions back in February and she suggested that we worked together I jumped at the chance.  Joyce had the idea for the Cottinley Fairy themed shoot and I knew straight away that we could really go somewhere with the idea and produce something a little different.

I first came across the Cottinley fairy photographs years ago and was fascinated by the fact that at the time many people really believed that two little girls had captured the fairies dancing at the bottom of their garden.   The photographs were taken in 1917 but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that Elsie and Frances actually admitted that they had faked the images.

We wanted our shoot to illustrate the innocence of the girls and the elegance of the fairies.  I was thrilled when Joanne of Joanne Fleming Design said that we could borrow some of her dresses in soft greens and greys that would work so well in the woodland setting.  All the bridesmaid dresses were bought from the high street as I know a lot of brides are on a budget and I wanted to prove that you can buy beautiful dresses without breaking the bank.

Joyce and Hayley from Brides and Beauty did an amazing job of creating beautiful hair and make-up.  We went for very subtle make-up as we felt there should be a certain innocence to girls looks, in keeping with the original photographs.  The up-do’s proved trickier than I imagined as I soon learnt that not every bodies hair does exactly what you want it to when you want it to!  Hayley was ever the professional though and created simple yet stunning styles for each of the girls.

I contacted Sylvie Mawer from Bouquet Boutiques after I had seen some of her work at a wedding I photographed at Great Fosters (you can see the wedding HERE).  As soon as I met her I knew she got what we were trying to achieve and she surpassed my expectations.  When she arrived her car was brimming with huge bouquets of flowers, table settings and free standing arrangements not to mention all the bags of moss, tree bark and other bit and bobs…..  and her lovely hubby not only stayed all day to help but also played the part of our groom for a few shots.

All the decorations, table settings and accessories were sourced from charity shops, car boot sales or were things that we had lying around at home or were made especially for the shoot (the fairy wings and hair decorations for example).

I have to admit that before we started the planning I had no idea of the amount of time that it would take to make all our ideas reality! By the end of the process I had a great deal of respect for any bride and groom who opt for a DIY wedding. It is REALLY hard work and I only had to worry about one set of table decorations and coordinating the 5 or 6 people involved in making it all happen.  This is not to say that I would not do it again, I’m already planning the next shoot, but it was a long day and it wouldn’t have happened if everybody involved hadn’t worked so hard so thank you all (you know who you are :-)).

We were also incredibly proud that Annabel from Love My Dress featured the shoot on her blog.  Thank you Annabel!
img class=”size-full wp-image-4615 aligncenter” title=”Cottingley fairy woodland wedding inspiration – 033″ src=”” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”274″ />

Hair & Make-up: Joyce and Hayley Brides and Beauty

Wedding Dresses: Joanne Fleming Design

Flowers: Sylvia Mawer Bouquet Boutiques

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Recently I’ve been working closely with Beryl from ‘Berylware’, photographing her new range of gorgeous scarves.

‘My designs are inspired by ‘rose tinted memories’ of a time when craft meant comfort and warmth was not just an open fire but home made apple pie, evenings round the wireless and a wink from the boy next door.  I combine a vintage feel with contemporary design to produce timeless classics that will complement any outfit, old or new.  My collections of hand knitted scarves use traditional knit stitches and luxurious merino wool to give you that warm, comfy feeling even on a cold and frosty day.  Each one has its own character thanks to the fact that it has been lovingly hand knitted by the UK’s finest knitting communities, led by Nannas, under my watchful eye.’

We were privileged to be able to use one of Beryl’s friends houses for the shoot (what an amazing place, so many possibilities for more shoots!) and Johnny, Eva and Marijana where excellent models.  Marijana not only modelled but also did all the make-up and hair styling. To see more of her work CLICK HERE
Berylware-Knitted-Scarves-Fashion-Shoot-000 The light in the conservatory was amazing, so I made the most of it with the preparation shots as the rest of the shoot was to have a far more wintry feel.  As Beryl kept reminding me ‘People do not wear scarves in the summer!’ but…. the light was amazing!

And here are a few of the finished images.

One last thank you to all those involved and if you’d like you’re own ‘Berylware’ scarf you can purchase them directly from Beryl’s website by CLICKING HERE

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Ruhi & Paul asked me to document their ‘Untying of the Knot Ceremony’ back in August of 2010.  It was an excellent evening that consisted of traditional celebrations with a modern twist, family, friends and excellent curry. Ruhi has very kindly provided a description below to give you a better insight into the reason for the ceremony.  Thank you Ruhi.

‘Contrary to popular belief, the Untying of the Knot ceremony is not the beginning of divorce proceedings! It’s the final ceremony of a Hindu or hybrid wedding like ours and takes place in the company of very close friends and family. On their wedding day, the bride and groom take their vows whilst tying a knot with his scarf and her veil. On or before the 1st year wedding Anniversary, husband and wife must untie the knot using one hand only, symbolising that they will tackle obstacles together and will remain happily ever after. Many of our friends thought this was just another excuse for a party one year on and acted out their pyrotechnic fantasies by setting off Chinese lanterns, symbolising their wishes for us for the next 12 months.’

If you’re planning an asian wedding in Leicester then please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.


David and Samantha are getting married in September so we took a stroll along South Bank to give us a chance to get to know each other better and for them to get used to me and my camera before their wedding day.  Southbank on a Sunday is pretty busy so it was a bit of a batptism of fire for both David and Sam but they relaxed and enjoyed themselves and we had a great time.  Oh and they’re Arsenal fans!  Your’ll see what I mean 🙂

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Emma & Justin were married on the edge of Loch Awe, near Oban in Scotland in a church that looked like a fairy tale castle.  I photographed their wedding the day after I photographed Emily & Andrew’s which meant that after I left Windsor on Friday night I went straight to Euston Station and caught the overnight sleeper to Glasgow.  It was actually really comfortable and I arrived feeling fresh as a daisy (well almost).  This is a bit of an epic blog post because this was an epic day.

Although on the face of it Emma & Justin’s wedding looks fairly traditional there were so many little details that made it their own. For example I will never forget the 2nd Hymn in the church, the organist starts playing and Emma and Justin’s voices could be heard clearly encouraging all their guests to join in singing ‘Don’t worry, be happy’, well if you want Bob Marley at your wedding why not?  Their first dance was unforgettable as well, why have a slow number when you can have a ‘dance off’.

I was only allowed about 7 mins outside the church at the end of the service for portraits and the rest of the day (apart from details and groups of course) was captured completely as it happened.  It rained nearly all day but you’d have never have known it, inside the marquee was the most amazing atmosphere.  The evening ended with a Jazz, Cèilidh (hopefully spelt that right) band and some pretty amazing dancing.

There are more photos on Facebook where you can tag yourself if you wish.

Thanks for having me Emma & Justin I had a blast and also discovered that Scotland is a very beautiful place that I will definitely be returning to for longer as soon as possible.
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I can not recommend the Ceilidh Band ‘Piperactive’ enough.  They describe themselves as the funky “Kick-Ass Celtic” band’, I’d say that’s a pretty fair description. I have no idea how far South they will travel but if you are looking for a band that will get all your guests dancing give them a call.

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