Sarah & James’ Sneak Peek


Huge congratulations to Sarah & James who were married at Kidmore End Church and then had a lovely reception at Bix Manor.  It was umbrellas galore as the soggy british summer reared it’s ugly head again but no one let it dampen their spirits.  With perfectly timed gaps in the drizzle for their exit from the church and some beautiful golden light in the evening what more could we have asked for!  I first met Sarah over 6 years ago at another wedding I photographed so it was brilliant when she called me to say she was getting married and was I free to photograph it, I could not have been happier that I was available on their wedding day!

Sarah was so well looked after all day by her awesome little troop of bridesmaids and flower girls.  They all looked fab in their navy dresses with pink sashes and pink umbrella’s (you know just in case! It turned out they were essential!).  One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is seeing the bride get into their wedding dress.  There’s always that moment as they realise that, yes they really are getting married, it’s normally pretty emotional and Sarah getting into her dress was no exception, she looked absolutely stunning!

Gary & his team at Bix Manor were their usual amazing selfs, helping everyone in from the carpark out of the rain.  It was a shame not to be able to get outside at Bix but the rooms inside are so lovely and warm and comfortable that no-one really noticed and enjoyed themselves just the same.  Sarah loves kids and with lots of nieces and nephews and friends with young children they decided to embrace the idea of a very child friendly wedding.  The kids had a brilliant time chasing each other round with huge bunches of balloons and had their own teddy bears picnic while everyone else had dinner.

Sarah I’m so pleased you’ve found your perfect man in James, I could not be happier for you both.  Thank you so much for having me as your photographer, it was an honour 🙂

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