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Savill Court Hotel Weddings - 001

What a beautiful, hot, loved filled day Stacey and Max’s Savill Court Hotel wedding was!!! Stacey and Max both got ready in the hotel meaning I got to spend a little time with them both in the morning, something that doesn’t normally happen.  When I left Max to go back and capture Stacey putting her dress on and he said ‘Tell her I love her!’, such a lovely message to be able to pass just before their ceremony.

It was super hot and everyone enjoyed the drinks reception whilst catching a few rays while we snuck off for a few quiet portraits in the beautiful dappled shade.  One of the really lovely things about mid summer weddings though is you get the opportunity to make the most of the late evening light and we weren’t disappointed with a wonderful golden hour.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs New you’re a gorgeous couple and I wish you every happiness together 🙂 x

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Festival Wedding - 001

When I’m not photographing my own weddings I love to work with some of my photographer buddies being a 2nd photographer.  When my photography bestie Mia Photography asked me to shoot a festival wedding with her I think my response as ‘Heeeeellllll Yeeeeeah!’

What a day!  I spent the morning with the boys who were putting the finishing touches to all the tents and festival style activities they’d arranged in the field next to their ceremony venue.  They’d put in so much effort into making everything from bunting to a Photobooth van, a message tree, cider tent, music tent, chill out area and all the signs and table numbers.

In true festival style guests were given a wristband and program when they arrived and then settled in for the outdoor ceremony.  After the ceremony there was popcorn and drinks to keep everyone going till they sat down to a picnic style dinner.  This is such a clever idea, a bright coloured box in the middle of the table, cheeses, bread, pie, salads, crisps and more to all be dug out, unwrapped and shared. Followed by a cakes made by friends and family.

It’s hard not to love a couple that are happy to dress up in Badger outfits and dance in the rain and Mia’s lovely couple made the most of every part of the day, not caring if they got a bit muddy.  I mean who cares if you’re muddy when a huge rainbow has come out over the festival you’ve planned.

Here are my favourites from the day and a huge thank you to Mia for letting me share 🙂

Festival Wedding - 002Festival Wedding - 003Festival Wedding - 004Festival Wedding - 005Festival Wedding - 006Festival Wedding - 007Festival Wedding - 008Festival Wedding - 009Festival Wedding - 011Festival Wedding - 010Festival Wedding - 012Festival Wedding - 014Festival Wedding - 013Festival Wedding - 015Festival Wedding - 016Festival Wedding - 017aFestival Wedding - 017bFestival Wedding - 018Festival Wedding - 019Festival Wedding - 020Festival Wedding - 021aFestival Wedding - 021bFestival Wedding - 022Festival Wedding - 023Festival Wedding - 024Festival Wedding - 025Festival Wedding - 026Festival Wedding - 027Festival Wedding - 028Festival Wedding - 029Festival Wedding - 030Festival Wedding - 031Festival Wedding - 032Festival Wedding - 033Festival Wedding - 034Festival Wedding - 035Festival Wedding - 036Festival Wedding - 037Festival Wedding - 038Festival Wedding - 039Festival Wedding - 040Festival Wedding - 041Festival Wedding - 042Festival Wedding - 043Festival Wedding - 044Festival Wedding - 045Festival Wedding - 046Festival Wedding - 047Festival Wedding - 048Festival Wedding - 049Festival Wedding - 052Festival Wedding - 050Festival Wedding - 051Festival Wedding - 053Festival Wedding - 054Festival Wedding - 054bFestival Wedding - 055Festival Wedding - 056Festival Wedding - 057Festival Wedding - 058Festival Wedding - 059Festival Wedding - 060Festival Wedding - 061Festival Wedding - 062Festival Wedding - 063Festival Wedding - 064Festival Wedding - 065Festival Wedding - 066Festival Wedding - 067Festival Wedding - 068Festival Wedding - 069Festival Wedding - 070Festival Wedding - 071Festival Wedding - 072Festival Wedding - 073Festival Wedding - 074Festival Wedding - 074bFestival Wedding - 075Festival Wedding - 076Festival Wedding - 077Festival Wedding - 078Festival Wedding - 079Festival Wedding - 080Festival Wedding - 081Festival Wedding - 082Festival Wedding - 083Festival Wedding - 084Festival Wedding - 085Festival Wedding - 086Festival Wedding - 087Festival Wedding - 088Festival Wedding - 089Festival Wedding - 090Festival Wedding - 091Festival Wedding - 091aFestival Wedding - 092Festival Wedding - 093Festival Wedding - 094Festival Wedding - 095Festival Wedding - 096Festival Wedding - 097Festival Wedding - 098Festival Wedding - 099Festival Wedding - 100Festival Wedding - 101Festival Wedding - 102Festival Wedding - 103Festival Wedding - 104

Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 001

Rebekah & Stephen met when Rebekah moved to the UK from Christchurch, New Zealand and it’s clear what a perfect match they are for each other!  Their wedding at Bisham Abbey was really special with friends and family from all over the world coming together to celebrate with them.

I loved how chilled out they were about everything, a ‘whatever happens today it will be perfect because we’re getting married and that’s all that matters!’ vibe.  They’d sourced, pretty much everything locally, making the planning as hassle free as possible and this was echo’d through every part of the day.

The girls were super relaxed when I arrived in the morning, helped by a yoga session the night before in Rebekah’s Mum’s beautiful home. What an amazing way to spend the evening before you get married!  All of Rebekah’s bridesmaids looked stunning in their dusky blue infinity dresses accessorised with delicate little charm bracelets.

Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 002

The beautifully bright flowers by Devine Flowers from Cookham were just the right splash of colour to compliment Rebekah’s intricately beaded dress and the boys stylish grey morning suits.  Little glass jars of Peonies and roses decorated the ceremony room and other spectacular arrangements were dotted about the venue adding beautiful explosions of colour.

After their ceremony the afternoon was wiled away sipping champagne and nibbling canapes on the back lawn of Bisham Abbey, which is so ideal for a sunny summer wedding, overlooking the river Thames.  Dinner was served in the grand hall and Rebekah & Stephen entered to every guest ringing the little bells they’d been given as place names (Bell is Stephens surname, not just random bell ringing :-)) and the evening celebrations were kicked off with the fantastic band ReCover.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bell. I wish you every happiness in your lives together!

Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 003Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 004Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 005Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 006Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 007Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 008Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 009Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 010Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 011Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 013Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 014Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 015Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 016Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 017Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 018Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 019Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 020Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 021Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 022Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 023Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 024Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 025Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 026Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 027Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 028Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 029Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 031Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 032Weddings at Bisham Abbey - 033


What a CRAZY day, the best kinda crazy!!!!!  Congratulations Sasha & Raj I think you ended up having exactly the day you wanted, the perfect fusion of two families and cultures filled with family, friends and oodles of LOVE!  Have the most amazing honeymoon xxx002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 16 017 018 019 021022020 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034



Semma & Luis’ ever so lovely little wedding was a real treat to photograph.  They’re celebrating with a Indian and Spanish fusion wedding in Spain, very soon, but just over a week ago they were officially married in Southwark registry office.  A big wedding is always amazing as you get to share your day with all your family and friends but there is also something so beautiful about saying your vows in front of just your parents and siblings.  It really was just brilliant to see how excited Seema was before the ceremony and I loved that she had popped to the market for some flowers before I arrived and that Stella McCartney dress…WOW!!!!

It was a real honour to capture your special day for you and I hope you have an amazing time in Spain guys, here’s a little sneaky peek of some of my favourites from your day. x

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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your relaxed, fun, AMAZING day no matter how big or small, please get in touch I’d love to hear from you!