Faye & Paul’s Beechenhill Farm Wedding – Part 2

Beechenhill Farm Wedding - 088

Faye & Paul’s wedding was just so chilled!  There was a structure to the day but the emphasis was on relaxing and having fun, nothing felt rushed, the complete opposite in fact.  It was lovely watching everyone sat sipping on their elderflower cordial, taking in the gorgeous views over the Peaks and sucking up the last rays of summer sun.

As Beechenhill is a working farm there are quite a lot of animals about.  A few of my favourite feathered friends (chickens) decided to get in on the group shots and the poor old cows seemed a little surprised to find a load of people ‘Wanging Wellies’ into their field.

I love photographing weddings and each is special in its own way but with Faye and Paul’s day I could quite easily visualise it as the kind of day I’d want for myself and Si.  I have a lovely memory of standing on the balcony in the barn with Faye and Paul looking down at their guests having a great time just chatting about all the things that happened that day and what’s lovely is that Faye actually commented on this in an email she sent after the day.  I’m a big believer in the ‘Little Things’. The little things are what make life good and Faye and Paul’s day was filled with hundreds of little things that made it one big wonderful thing!

Faye did a speech and told a little story that she herself had been told.  This is my, probably slightly different and abridged version….. (I hope I’ve got it right Faye?) ‘when you meet someone you view them through rose tinted glasses, you fall head over heals in love and they can do no wrong.  Over time love develops and the rose tinted glasses fade.  You have to work harder and you notice the little things that can sometime annoy and irritate you and your relationship changes.   This is when you should really wear those rose tinted glasses.  You’re still in love, don’t let the little things tear you apart, wear the glasses to hide the nigglely little annoying things that can create rifts.  A simple but very clever way of looking at things!!!

Thank you for having me along guys and believing in me, it means A LOT!

‘Never doubt your work, your ability or your professionalism Clare, because you have been, in Paul’s words, a legend.’

A couple of the little things that made their day so wonderful was the AMAZING chocolate cake! (honestly there is more to life for me than chocolate but it ranks very high!) and the unusual floral chandelier so make sure you scroll far enough down to check them out!  Oh and of course Faye’s Grandma getting up and completely owning the dance floor.

If you’re planning a Beechenhill Farm Wedding and would like your day documented in a relaxed, unobtrusive manner then please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

To see part one of Faye & Paul’s wedding please click HERE.

Beechenhill Farm Wedding - 116

Suppliers Flowers: Swallows & Damsons

Venue: Beechenhill Farm

Band: Indigo Black

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