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Cottingley Fairy Inspired Woodland Wedding Photoshoot

When I met Joyce from Brides and Beauty at the 'Tweet-up' organised by Louise from Bow Occassions back in February and she suggested that we worked together I jumped at the chance.  Joyce had the idea for the Cottinley Fairy themed shoot and I knew straight away that we could really go somewhere with the idea and produce something a little different. I first came across the Cottinley fairy photographs years ago and was fascinated by the fact that at the time many people really believed that two little girls had captured the fairies dancing at the bottom of their garden.   The photographs … [Read more...]

Berylware’s Beautiful Scarves – Fashion Shoot

Recently I've been working closely with Beryl from 'Berylware', photographing her new range of gorgeous scarves. 'My designs are inspired by ‘rose tinted memories’ of a time when craft meant comfort and warmth was not just an open fire but home made apple pie, evenings round the wireless and a wink from the boy next door.  I combine a vintage feel with contemporary design to produce timeless classics that will complement any outfit, old or new.  My collections of hand knitted scarves use traditional knit stitches and luxurious merino wool to give you that warm, comfy feeling even on a cold … [Read more...]

Ruhi & Paul – Untying of the Knot Ceremony

Ruhi & Paul asked me to document their 'Untying of the Knot Ceremony' back in August of 2010.  It was an excellent evening that consisted of traditional celebrations with a modern twist, family, friends and excellent curry. Ruhi has very kindly provided a description below to give you a better insight into the reason for the ceremony.  Thank you Ruhi. 'Contrary to popular belief, the Untying of the Knot ceremony is not the beginning of divorce proceedings! It's the final ceremony of a Hindu or hybrid wedding like ours and takes place in the company of very close friends and family. On … [Read more...]

Frank Hudson – Vintage Week

Frank Hudson have been producing beautifully crafted wooden furniture for three generations in  High Wycombe.  From October 16th to October 22nd they are holding a 'Vintage Week' event to celebrate  and promote local craftsmanship.  I am taking part and along with Tim Hudson and other contributors we organised a  photo shoot to promote the event. If you fancy popping down then the event runs everyday from 15th to 22nd October and there will be demonstrations on Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th and Saturday 22nd with guest speakers on Thursday evening (20th October) between 7pm and 9pm Here are … [Read more...]

David & Samantha – South Bank

David and Samantha are getting married in September so we took a stroll along South Bank to give us a chance to get to know each other better and for them to get used to me and my camera before their wedding day.  Southbank on a Sunday is pretty busy so it was a bit of a batptism of fire for both David and Sam but they relaxed and enjoyed themselves and we had a great time.  Oh and they're Arsenal fans!  Your'll see what I mean :-) Please feel free to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts. … [Read more...]

Emma & Justin

Emma & Justin were married on the edge of Loch Awe, near Oban in Scotland in a church that looked like a fairy tale castle.  I photographed their wedding the day after I photographed Emily & Andrew's which meant that after I left Windsor on Friday night I went straight to Euston Station and caught the overnight sleeper to Glasgow.  It was actually really comfortable and I arrived feeling fresh as a daisy (well almost).  This is a bit of an epic blog post because this was an epic day. Although on the face of it Emma & Justin's wedding looks fairly traditional there were so many … [Read more...]

Emily & Andrew

The last weekend in May was a pretty busy one for me.  After shooting an awards dinner in a documentary, reportage photographic style, at One Marylebone, Central London, on the Thursday night I came straight home, recharged the batteries, downloaded the memory cards and repacked the bags ready for Emily and Andrews Wedding on Friday. I have known Emily and Andrew a while as I shot some family portraits for them and was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  They were married in St Andrews Church in Windsor, the same church that Emily's Parents were married in so it was … [Read more...]

Kitsch Me Kwik – Alternative Royal Wedding Day Celebrations

Like many of you I spent a large portion of 29th April watching the Royal wedding and when it was all over I have to admit I was a little disapointed.  The dress was beautiful, I loved the trees in Westminster Abbey and the fact that they'd done it 'their way' as much as you can when your next in line to the throne, BUT....... ....... I was 4 when I watched Charles and Diana marry and it was like watching a fairy tale. (or at least that’s my slightly hazy memory)  As a child I might have spent more time making mud pies and playing with dinosaurs than I did dressing dolls and playing with … [Read more...]

Noelly – boudoir shoot

Having never shot anything along these lines before I have to admit I was a little nervous before we started.  There was no need as Noelly is incredibly relaxed and we spent a large portion of our time in fits of giggles. All images are lit only by window light.  The diffusion and lens flares in the first few images are created by shooting through dried Honesty (a plant that produces disc like seedheads that look like mother of pearl) into the light. Thank you Noelly for letting me share these images, you really do look very beautiful.  Please feel free to leave a comment below, I'd … [Read more...]

Steve Gerrard Wedding Photography Course

As a documentary wedding and portrait photographer I feel it is important to continually develop my skills. This was my first experience of a full days course rather than just a short seminar at a photography event and it did not disappoint!!! It also turned out to be a great way to meet other photographers. Steve planned a day that was full but did not make us feel rushed. There was plenty of time to ask questions and get to talk to the other attendees. We looked at loads of his favourite images and discussed how they were shot as well as looking at work flow and retouching techniques. … [Read more...]

Baby Joshua – Berkshire Baby Photography

My journey with Danni and Kevin, Josh's Mum and Dad started when I photographed their wedding back in January 2009. I then did a portrait session with them when Danni was pregnant so it seemed only natural that I photographed Josh when he arrived. So I'd like to introduce you to Joshua, I think you'll agree with me that he's gorgeous! Congratulation's Danni & Kevin. I love photographing newborns and Joshua was no different. There's something very special about babies when they're so young! There's a 'pudgyness' (not sure that's actually a word? I'm sure you know what I mean) that … [Read more...]

Spring has sprung

Today the sun shined!!! and I actually had some time to go wander around Pan Mill and it's gardens, which are situated in the heart of High Wycombe.  It is a paradise for spring flowers.  Hundreds of spring flowering plants and bulbs have been planted in the grounds of a restored watermill and I have been meaning to get up early for days to try and photograph them in good light.  I have been thwarted by bad weather (and a serious addiction to sleep) so this afternoons sunshine was very welcome. Here's a few from today mixed in with a couple I took last year but never did anything with. … [Read more...]

Gary & Sorcha – Great Fosters Wedding

Great Fosters is a beautiful location for any wedding but the day Gary and Sorcha got married it looked even prettier with its dusting of snow. The details at Great Fosters are stunning from the dark wood panelling to the embossed leather ceilings and it was easy to forgot how cold it was outside with the open fires keeping everybody warm Sorcha looked incredible.  Her dress had a delicate, floaty top layer with embroidered details on the underdress and belt.  She completed her look with a diamanté hair clip and white faux fur shrug.  I met Sorcha and her bridesmaids as they were getting … [Read more...]

Louise, Julian & Ben – Autumn shoot in the park

We were so lucky with the weather the day I took these images.  As I was driving down the M4 to meet With Louise, Julian and Ben the sun was coming out from behind the clouds and I can remember thinking 'Please stay out! Please stay out!' and it did.  There were enough leaves on the trees still for the images to be filled with colour and the bright sunshine was the icing on the cake. Please feel free to leave a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! … [Read more...]

Autumnal Rock the Dress

Burnham Beeches is a local Beech wood, a famous wood actually, they filmed 'Robinhood - Prince of thievs there!  We saw no men in green tights but there were plenty of dog walkers who seemed quite ammused to see someone walking around in their wedding dress.  It wasn't exactly the warmest day of the year either but the sun had come out and we thought we'd got lucky with the weather.  It lasted about 15mins and then the heavens opened and we legged it back to the car.  So this is the shortest Rock-the-Dress session ever!!! Dorotta got married to Greg in Poland in 2007 but bought her dress … [Read more...]

Welcome to my world!

I'm new to this blogging malarky so I decided to start with a little introduction to me and my world.  The new website is up and running, so all the hard work has finally paid off.  I'm lucky enough to have a room in the flat I can call 'The Office' (it's not all mine, but I spend the most time in it, so for now I've laid claim to it :-)  I have an eclectic mix of tastes and styles and don't see why you should have to conform to something specific, I enjoy filling the space around me with things I find interesting and these things can move and change as I do.  Some things hold memories, some … [Read more...]