To Survive Against All Odds – Survivors

I first came across the work of GMB Akash in 2009 when he won the Travel Photographer of the Year award.   His images are hauntingly beautiful.  They tell the stories of some of the worlds most deprived people working in horrific conditions, who struggle daily for life.

‘Although the circumstances of many of the people that I portray may be grim, as individuals they are often times people of remarkable character.  And it is this beauty of such people and the human soul that remains when nearly all else is gone.  This beauty is what I strive to capture in the photographs I take.’

GMB Askash has bought together a collection of his images from the last ten years in his book ‘Survivors’.  25% of the proceeds of this book will go towards helping the projects with which Akash has engaged during the last ten years.

For more information on Akash and to purchase his book go to his website.

GMB Akash - Survivors

I got involved with funding the book through Emphasis who help photojournalists pitch their projects directly to public and obtain the backing required to fund their projects.

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