Project 52 – Taking Stock & Staying Motivated

Pihole Photography Books

I've been a bit quiet recently and have to admit that I'm a little bit behind with my 'Project 52'!  I'm still doing it but I've come to a few conclusions over the last couple of weeks: It takes a lot of practice and time to get images rather than 'blurs' or 'not a lot' out of a pinhole camera. A bit more research before starting might have helped! I might have been expecting a bit much trying to use a different camera each week for a whole year (If I didn't actually work then it might be possible but as that's not the case it's best not to beat myself up for not doing it but rather to … [Read more...]

Project 52 – The results of my first attempt at Pinhole photography

Cardboard Kit Pinhole Camera - Images 001

The first week of my project resulted in just four images (the rest were barely visible on the negative) all of which were ridiculously blurred!  I'm taking a glass half full attitude.  I did actually record an image and that's better than not recording anything at all. These were all taken using the Hole-one EX cardboard kit pin hole.  I had to tape the back on once the film was loaded as it kept falling off but it would seem that quite a bit of light still managed to get into the camera as there are dark stripes across the majority of the negatives. I'm guessing that there are quite a few … [Read more...]

Project 52 – Pinhole Cameras

Hole-on EX Pinhole Camera - Flat Pack Make Your Own Camera Kit

Pinhole cameras have always fascinated me.  I think this is quite simply because all you need is a light tight box with a hole in it and a piece of light sensitive material and 'voila' you can produce an image.  No need for expensive pieces of kit or even a lens.  I'm not saying that you don't have to be in possession of the right equipment (there is a list of what I plan to use at the bottom of this page) but most things I've picked up fairly cheaply or are items I've recycled or got from Free Cycle. If you own a pinhole camera or have made your own then please get in touch, I'd love to see … [Read more...]

Project 52 – An Introduction

Assorted Films - Project 52

 So what is Project 52? I've wanted to embark on a project of some sort for a while but was never quite sure what to do.  So, I thought about it a bit, and then a little bit more and then some other photographer friends started to talk about doing '365 projects' (a photo a day for a year) and then '52 projects' (a photo a week for a year) as this is more manageable, because to be honest a photo a day is pretty impressive, I have a lot of respect for anyone that has completed one.  So I'd decided to do a 52 Project but I still didn't have a theme.  No matter what idea I came up with I always … [Read more...]