Jane & David’s Iscoyd Park Wedding

Iscoyd Park's a great private wedding venue in the middle of the Shropshire countryside.  Jane and David planned their intimate November wedding here with a great soft peach and orange theme that fitted perfectly with the autumnal colours that dressed the trees outside. I'm not sure I've ever seen a couple so excited to get married, it was truly lovely and the grins on their faces as the registrar announced that they 'are now man and wife' said it all.  It was an amazing day filled with close family and friends, lots of each with a different backdrop.  The ceremony room is small but so … [Read more...]

Oni & Adrian – A Wedding at Iscoyd Park

Back in January Gemma Williams asked me if I'd like to assist at a Chinese/British fusion wedding she was photographing at Iscoyd park  in April.  I jumped at the chance to go and visit Gemma in Herefordshire and work with her on a wedding. What a day!!!  Oni and Adrian are great fun and considering there was so much going on with different ceremonies and dress changes, the day went ludicrously smoothly. Thanks Gem (and Oni & Adrian) for having me along.  Here are a few of my favs, I've gone for a bit of an eclectic mix with a good smattering of abstracts. Enjoy. … [Read more...]