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I love taking photos, love weddings and love to knit and crochet so one day at the end of last year  I decided that I wanted to combine all three.  I’m so lucky that I have so many lovely couples that are creative and make beautiful things for their weddings and it’s inspired me to go that one step further and knit or crochet wedding dresses, some accessories and of course some classy things for the boys so as not to leave them out!!!  Once I got thinking there were all sorts of things that people might like to knit or crochet for their wedding, from beautiful little button holes to a full wedding dress.  So I got researching and started to find patterns but I found so many good ones, I couldn’t pick just the one and this years project was born.

Four dresses, one for each season, well floral season. Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer and Autumn.  I got my shoot buddy Rachel from Green & Gorgeous on board and we got started on finding locations and other creatives we could get involved.

For Spring I knitted the Ruby Lace Dress by Suzie Sparkles that I found on Ravelry.  It’s not the easiest of knits but for a lace pattern it’s not too hard and knitted in the round so you don’t have to worry about any seams and you can try it on as you go to make sure it fits.

As I’m always keen on recycling and using second hand materials I used a pearlised cotton yarn, that had a nice shine, in the Shop at Workaid in Chesham.  Workaid have a Charity Shop that specialises in haberdashery and all things crafty and is a real treasure trove of second hand and vintage yarns and materials, notions and trimmings. (I can only visit a couple of times a year or I’d spend all my money!)  It was a while ago but I think I paid about £2 for the yarn so it was a bit of a bargain.  Anyway I will be doing a full blog post on the making of the dress over on my craft website ‘The Knitted Camera’ so keep an eye out if you’d like more info.

Rachel got permission from North Stoke Church, just up the road from where Green & Gorgeous are based, near Wallingford, for us to shoot in the church and it’s ground and we were a go.  With Pheobe Hayter Makeup and Sarah from Albert Fields in Goring and Kayleigh (PheonixRed Model) all on board I was sure we’d get some great results but the beautiful weather, light and backdrop surpassed my expectations.

We created two looks:

Green & Cream.  This worked really well with the cream of the dress and Sarah created a stunning messy up do with  Kayleighs hair that worked perfectly with the crocheted fascinator.  The bouquet included Anemone’s, Sweet pea’s, Hellebore’s, Larch, Eucalyptus, Adiantum Fern and Viburnum.  A neutral colour pallet like this looks so beautiful in Spring when the countryside is bursting with bright green new leaves and blossom everywhere!

Cerise & Mauve.  This much richer look gives the dress a totally different look.  Phoebe added a more dramatic lip colour to compliment the bouquet and hair flowers and Sarah let down Kayleighs hair for a soft curled look.  The bouquet included Ranunculus, Anenome’s, Hellebore’s, Sweet Pea’s, Copper Beech, Lilac, Eucalyptus and Ravenswing.  Rachel made three little wired groups of hair flowers so that they could be placed anywhere we wanted.

We dressed the bouquets with Rachel’s hand dyed silk ribbons and velvet ribbons from my collection, some new some vintage, to add a touch of luxury.

I love the fact that you can use two very similar groups of flowers, just in totally different colour ways to create dramatically different looks.

Rachel dressed the church in Apple Blossom, keeping it simple yet striking and created a wild arrangement in a beautiful pale pink fan vase that could be used in a  church, ceremony venue or later at the reception.

Huge thanks to everyone involved for their time, hard work and creativity I can’t wait for the next one!!!

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