Ollie & Ian’s Cain Manor Wedding


Huge congratulations to Ollie & Ian who had their Cain Manor wedding last weekend.  It was the perfect wedding to end my year on.  Whilst it was all misty and wintery outside it was so lovely and warm and snuggly inside.

Ollie looked absolutely stunning in her elegant lace gown and mixed berry coloured bouquet, perfectly complimented by Ian in his tweed suit and autumnal accessories.

I loved their table decorations, candles in various different glass containers on beautiful slices of oak they’d sanded.  So simple yet, elegant and totally befitting the season.

The whole day took place at Cain Manor, a gorgeous country house on the borders or Surrey and Hampshire.  After the ceremony in the Music Room (such beautiful light from the cathedral style windows) the guests all braved the cold for a group shot outside before heading in for canapés and bubbly whilst I borrowed Ollie & Ian for a few minuets to pootle of down the lane to make the most of the last of the autumn colour in the trees in the woods surrounding the venue.  Also a good excuse to have a drive in the convertible they’d hired for the weekend. Never too chilly to get the top down 🙂

The day was rounded off with a brilliant set from The Curious Sounds, not your normal wedding band.  Described by themselves as ‘A steampunk mix of New Orleans jazz, waltzing sea shanties and a pinch of travelling circus’ their rendition of ‘All of Me’ for Ollie & Ian’s first dance got the dancing off to a energetic start!

All in all it was an incredible day, it’s so obvious how in love Ollie & Ian are and it was such a pleasure to be able to photograph their day for them.  All the best for the future Mr & Mrs Thraves I’m sure it holds many amazing adventures for you!

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