Steve Gerrard Wedding Photography Course


As a documentary wedding and portrait photographer I feel it is important to continually develop my skills. This was my first experience of a full days course rather than just a short seminar at a photography event and it did not disappoint!!! It also turned out to be a great way to meet other photographers.

Steve planned a day that was full but did not make us feel rushed. There was plenty of time to ask questions and get to talk to the other attendees. We looked at loads of his favourite images and discussed how they were shot as well as looking at work flow and retouching techniques. Steve was incredibly candid in his responses to questions and I think his answer to the question below, asked on Form Spring describes why, better than I ever could.

You have a very distinctive style, do you worry about giving away your secrets on your workshops, and it being copied?

In 1976 some kids from Manchester went to see the Sex Pistols in concert. They were inspired so much that they went off and started their own band. They didn’t start a Sex Pistols covers band… they formed Joy Division.

I hope the people who attend our workshops are smart enough to know that copying someone else’s style is not the best way to stay creative and stand out. Our workshops show people how we do things and how they can then maybe adapt what we do to go and find something that works for them.

Steve’s studio is in the Custard Factory (which actually used to be the old birds custard factory!) It is now a trendy music venue and houses bars, shops, restaurants, galleries and studios. To say the location is good for photography would be an understatement. Sarah and Dale, our Bride and Groom for the day, were brilliant! It was freezing but you’d never know when you look at the images.

Thank you Steve I think a great day was had by all 🙂

P.S. When I got home, I found that I hadn’t actually taken all that many images, I was too busy listening and watching everybody else. So below are a few of my favourites mixed in with some architectural details and some documentary images of Steve doing his thing.

Demonstrating that the light was great! There was a huge metal sheet to the left of Steve that acted like a giant reflector.

Two shots with the bride in exactly the same position.

I quote ‘you just hold your camera up and point it down a bit.’ Hey presto, Steve produces a well framed, in focus shot of the couple from an unusal angle. Not as easy as it looks 🙂

I kinda liked this metal door, the light was lovely.

who’d have thought a skip could look this good?

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