Green & Gorgeous – May Diary

Green & Gorgeous May - 017 So here’s a sunny little post for a sunny day.  May at Green & Gorgeous saw the garden start to burst to life!  I’ve concentrated on Sweet Pea’s, Iris, Allium’s and the slightly faded Ranuclus and there might be a few dead cute little chicks in there too!  We photographed a huge purple and white wild foral display in the orchard and a soft peachy display of Icelandic poppies and last by not least dressed the very patient dog in the HUGEST deep red Peonie. I’m going back tomorrow and have been told that the fields are a riot of colour with the Peonies now in full bloom so keep an eye out for June’s edition 🙂 Sweet peas need a lot of love, care and attention to make sure that you get good, long stems to be used in bouquets.  I spent some time with Rachel as she tied in stems, took off old flower heads and side shoots so that all the plants energy goes into the best flowers.  Rachel has been doing a series of blogs called the ‘Sweet Pea Grow Along’ which explains everything far better than I ever could 🙂 The soft pinks and peaches of the Sweet Peas are so delicate but I’m completely fascinated with the buds that twist and turn as they unfurl in shades that give no hint as to the colour of the flower that’s to come. A happy Sweet Pea picker 🙂 This nifty little device holds a roll of green tape that wraps round the stems and holds them onto the netting’s that’s there as support.  I can’t even begin to think how many man hours this must save! The Ranunculuswere pretty much over, just a few stragglers left to pick but they were still strangely beautiful.  The dead heads with their drooping petals make me think of elegant ballet dancers in long floaty skirts….. but then I can see bunnies and cats in cloud formations too so just move on swiftly if I’m starting to sound a bit ‘out there’! 🙂 CHICKS!!!  The last time I visited, these little chaps were just eggs, oh what a difference a month makes!  Not quite as tiny and fluffy as when they’d first hatched they were still ranking pretty high on the adorable scale.  I’m imaging them as full grown chickens by next time! These flower borders were practically just dirt a month ago now they are bursting full of Ladies Mantle, Euphorbia, Hesperis (Sweet Rocket) and Allium (Purple Sensation).  Great colour combo the acid greens and bright Magenta/Purples. Allium Purple Sensation an all time fav, never fails to disappoint and makes for great photo’s. Yes I know it’s blurred but I kinda like the blurry, colour splashes 🙂 A trip to the back field placed me in Iris heaven.  Great long rows of purple, white, yellow and rust coloured Iris standing tall in the late afternoon sunshine.  I’ve never found this a particularly easy plant to photograph but on mass like this, I had my pick of blooms.  Being able to select the perfect flower definitely helps to make a pretty picture and I really enjoyed shooting wider too and through some of the grasses that had grown up around the main plants. Green & Gorgeous May - 038 I really noticed how much wildlife there is around the fields on this visit!  I think this little chap is a Brimstone, whatever he is he was very obliging and sat sunning himself long enough for me to focus (although I’m sure a video of me running up and down the hedge after him would prove most hilarious! Good job I was on my own!) Below, good old For-get-me-nots. Easy to grow practically anywhere, come back all on their own each year and are a great filler for posies. Peonies and Delphinium buds.  I CAN NOT WAIT to see what this looks like now!! Although loads of plants were planted long ago and are now in bud or already blooming there’s still loads more being planted.  Five mins on the dirt and you’re walking around on stilts of mud, quite the unusual sensation 🙂 Got to be bendy to be a gardener.  Ash wins gold in this area though (further down the blog). Going home with some Iris. Do you remember the images of Rachel taking Dahlia cuttings? (If not you can see them HERE)  Well this is them now, nearly ready to be planted out.  The flowers will be ready August and September. This is the ‘Learning Garden’ and it’s where I found Ash planing Acidanthera (also known as Bridal Gladioli)  bulbs, hundreds of bulbs, in very straight lines 🙂

Firstly place your plank (so as not to compress the soil or get mud stilts, see above) then place your cane.  Evenly distribute blubs along the cane and then plant.  If you’re good at Yoga I can imagine it helps (see below). The Learning Garden was also a great place for a posed portrait of Rachel and Ash.  I love this one of them amid all the full beds. I had a few mins to play and found a raised bed of black leaved cow parsley called ‘Ravenswing’.  Fluffy, airy plants like these are great for shooting through.  I find it fascinating that you can photograph the same plant and by just changing the angle, composition and even the lens you can create images that look so different.

This huge wild and wonderful creation in a …….. jar was just perfect to be photographed in the orchard.  The Allium’s and Iris were the stars but needed the ‘Ravenswing’ (Cowparsley), Honesty and Phytocarpus ‘Diablo’ (tree foliage) to pull it all together.  5 ingredients = awesome vase of loveliness! No job can be completed without the help and/or approval of a cat. Signed off 🙂 The Icelandic poppies were just starting to bloom, I’ve not seen them in such soft colours before.  They are so delicate and as pretty from the back as the front.  The petals are tissue paper thin with delicate wrinkles that are reminiscent of hanging silk.  Can you tell I love them? (Above ) Quaker Grass.  Below HUGE great big Peonie, ‘Buckeye Belle’ variety, that we thought would be a good idea to tie to a dog (Louis) and he looked splendid!  Have you got a Dog that you’re going to involve in your wedding?  If so seriously consider getting him/her a floral collar, just looks so pretty. If you’ve enjoyed reading this then you may also like the previous posts I’ve done:

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